LeBron James comes to ‘Fortnite’ on July 14th

LeBron James comes to ‘Fortnite’ on July 14th


with Space Jam: A new legacy coming out this week, LA Lakers junior striker LeBron James is making his way Fortnite. On July 14, two days before the film premiered in the US, Epic will start selling two different King James skins. The first takes inspiration from the style of the stars in the game and sees him wearing a blazer, skirt, shorts and shirt and tie.

The second outfit he gives you allows you to dress James either in his Tune Squad uniform or with a Taco Tuesday themed date. Of course, all skins feature LeBron wearing the latest – which, as you may have guessed, come out this month as well. As a third option, you can purchase the skins together in a package that comes with additional in-game items, an emote and a separate upload screen.

LeBron is not the first real-life star to enter it Fortnite. Earlier, Epic released the skins of AND . Given that Epic often does , it is not surprising to see James receive the same treatment now. At this point, Fortnite is another channel that companies can use to market their latest products.

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