Android 12 will allow you to play games while downloading

Android 12 will allow you to play games while downloading


Faster internet and mobile data speeds are shortening the waiting time for games and fun downloads. Both art forms helped people through blockages, so it makes sense for tech and media goalkeepers to keep that moment as life slowly returns to normal. Netflix did just that by allowing subscribers to watch partially downloaded shows and movies. Now, Google is doing the same for mobile games. The latest version of Android will allow you to turn on a game long before the download is complete.

According to Google, you will eventually be able to start playing Play Store titles in seconds. More specifically, he says the games will be ready to open at least twice as fast as before. An example shows that a 127mb game is suitable for play with only 20 percent downloaded. For now, developers can sign up for a beta for this feature, but Google says it will eventually become the default system for Play Store games.

The tech giant has tried to break down some of the barriers around digital gaming in the past. Notably, she started Instant Games in 2018 that was loaded before the full installation process. While its rival Arcade Apple, Play Pass, allows subscribers to try out an application library for a monthly fee. Then it is not Stadium, Promising Google (por troubled) Cloud gaming service that removes with game downloads.

More broadly, the play-as-you-download feature comes at a convenient time. Like their keyboards and PC brethren, mobile games are growing in size. A trend player may have spotted with the release of open world and metaverse games as well The influence of Genshin AND Roblox on iOS and Android. Searches by Sensor tower shows that the average mobile game file size has increased by 76 percent in the US since 2016. Helping players get into action faster in the face of larger downloads is thus a winning victory for developers and the public alike.

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