The Google Pixel 4 drops to a minimum of $ 400 all the time on Amazon

The Google Pixel 4 drops to a minimum of $ 400 all the time on Amazon


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Do not despair if you have a strong desire for a budget Google phone but wanted something more powerful than the current Pixel line. Amazon is selling 64 GB Pixel 4 for only $ 400, with B&H Photo compliance that price. This is an all-time minimum for the former ship, and makes it more affordable than a new one Pixel 4a 5G – it’s worth considering if processing power matters more than the latest wireless technology.

Buy Pixel 4 (64 GB) on Amazon – $ 400

Buy Pixel 4 (64 GB) at B&H – $ 400

You can also buy the 128 GB version at a discount on both sites, though B&H currently offers a better deal for $ 430 versus Amazon’s $ 470.

There are some caveats. The Pixel 4 is almost two years old, so it won’t get any more Android updates (Android 12 is one of them). Battery life and screen brightness are strictly such. And Google’s Motion Sense gesture feature has never been proven – it’s a nice bonus, but not something you will use every day.

In return, however, this may be a better value than the current Pixel 4a and 5 models, especially with premium Pixel 6 series likely on the horizon. You’re getting a reasonably fast device with a soft screen and still great cameras for slower, typically less capable phones. As long as you can live with wonders, this can give you a better overall experience.

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